Akamai Eating - Eat Smart

AKAMAI EATING isn't a gimmick or the latest catch phrase. It's a choice: To eat smarter, to make good choices and to do our part and be faithful stewards of all we’ve been entrusted with. Here, soulful dishes are prepared with mindful ingredients and old fashion Aloha. What does that mean to you?


  • Trans-fat
  • MSG
  • High fructose corn syrup


  • Fresh ahi, salmon, and other seafood
  • All natural chicken breast-no preservatives, hormones, phosphates
  • All natural steak-antibiotic free and no added hormones
  • Locally grown produce especially from farmers who practice sustainable agriculture
  • Natural Hawaiian cane sugar
  • Mineral-rich Hawaiian rock salt

Let us introduce you to some local businesses we admire and support

  • Jacobs Farms Certified Organics, Vernon CA
  • McGrath Family Farm, Oxnard CA
  • Mary's Free Ranch Chicken, Sanger CA
  • Cedar River Natural Beef/Vande Rose Natural Pork (not local but unrivaled quality)
  • OC Baking Company, Orange CA

But Akamai Eating isn't limited to the do's and dont's. It's an ongoing quest for today, every day, for life.  So Eat Smart!  Feed more than you appetite. Satisfy a deeper hunger. Get fueled, be nourished and have "life more abundantly."

Aloha ke Akua!  Live it…share it…

Aloha Ke Akua

"Do not be afraid. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity. Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch." John Paul, II

Since opening our doors in 2002, our single most impactful decision was stumbling on this "dare." This profound quote compelled a choice and challenged us to seek a more purposeful path to what and how we do things at Nalu's. Honestly, our decision wasn't heroic. Rather, we were indebted to have scathed a disasterous event on a, let's say, surf trip back home in Hawaii. On a particular session, our haughty yet frail nature were quickly humbled by the stormy conditions, yet somehow we were delivered from harm's way. This purposely awakened us to grasp what is meant to "put out into the deep." This fated encounter graced us with much needed insights and we uncovered our Aloha ke Akua mission: To serve the highest purpose thru serving you. This gave zeal and meaning to our undertaking: To craft honest offerings with mindful ingredients and Aloha, then serve them up with the same Spirit.

Truly doing what we're passionate about, the right way, allow us to look past gimmicks and bottom lines. We simply trusted everything will fall in its rightful place. It's simple Truth and we find great joy encountering Truth. We celebrate it by living out our hopes and dreams each time we craft newly inspired dishes, greet you with Aloha, cook up your order, or give back in-kind by supporting a greater good. The Hawaiian tradition preserves and passes on the essence of Aloha, which is to encounter Alo (the Presence) and (Breath of Life). Encountering AloHā taught us to give Aloha by desiring the highest possible good towards our neighbor. Living Aloha out loud utters our gratitude and, by being open and charitable, we hope to lift the spirit of others, perhaps you, who believe what we believe and be moved by the same Spirit to ignite the spirit of another 'til this infectious joy overflows to another. And another...

It is our hopes and dreams for you and everyone we serve to be daring, to feed more than your appetite, and to satisfy a deeper hunger. So "put out into the deep," live Aloha by seeking first the One who is Love, get fueled, be nourished, and have “life more abundantly." There's something more here than a darn good Hawaiian fish grill and Grandma Tutu's kitchen...

Aloha ke Akua! live it. share it...


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Purveyor of Aloha

At Nalu's, our joy is living ALOHA out loud!  It’s our way of giving Thanks for the many gifts including these individuals we call friends. They celebrate life by sharing their gifts of ALOHA for the benefits of others so they too may bear good fruits.

A ahonui, patient
L lana ka mana'o, hopeful
O oia'i'o, truthful
H  ha'aha'a, humble
A 'ano'i, charitable

Aloha ke Akua! live it...share it...

  • Brad Staph

    Dr. Staph loves the ocean and care for his patients just as he would close friends and family.  His reputation goes deeper than being a great professional.  He’s known for his generosity especially caring for those in need. For his vacation, Dr. Brad travels to Bali, set-up makeshift clinics and provide free dental work for the natives. He’ll tell you it’s because the waves are amazing in Bali, but we all know better. Aloha Dr. Staph.

  • Ed Piorek

    Ed is a lifelong surfer and inspires many with his book "The Fathers Love." When he’s not away on his mission trips, Ed and his wife Janet opens their humble home in South San Clemente and welcome all who would come. While the musical talents of their friends Chris Lizotte, Marc and Kirsten Ford, Hans and Janine Sylstra, and Noah Lekas fill their home, Ed shares the endless riches of “The Fathers Love” to everyone. 

  • Ted Robinson

    Ted is a waterman, a photographer, and has a deep appreciation for the vast beauty of Creation especially the ocean.  Ted captures those “precious moments" in his photography and share this passion through his surfing. Ted’s integrity, humble ways, and generous deeds inspire others to silently live Aloha ke Akua out loud.

  • Courtney Conlogue

    Courtney is a top rated Pro surfer on the Women's ASP Tour and have made lifelong friends in her vast travels on tour. Many will tell you Courtney is the hardest working athlete in Women’s Professional Surfing, but it’s her compassion and willingness to care for others that her friends are more interested in sharing. Amidst her hectic travels and rigorous routines, Courtney gives her time to share Aloha. 

  • Greg Long

    Greg sees great beauty in the ocean especially with giant waves.  Greg has won multiple Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards but Greg is better known for his humble trait. In 2013 at Cortez Bank (an acclaimed big wave spot), Greg nearly drowned. Such event would humble the haughty, but for Greg, it dawned a new passion to learn & share advanced breathing techniques and to develop better flotation equipment to safeguard other Big Wave athletes. 

  • Chris Lizotte

    Chris shares his musical talent at the Little Church by the Sea in Laguna Beach. Since his youth, surfing has been big part of Chris’ life and he now shares this love of the ocean with his family. But Chris’ deeper love is ministering to others through his inspiring and uplifting music to encourage many to continue to hope for the fulfillment of a greater promise.   

  • Jordan Robinson

    Jordan takes after his father Ted Robinson as a well-rounded waterman and a good surfer from aerial to tube riding.  What is more strikingly similar between them are their good character and integrity.  Jordan travels to various parts of the world to surf with his dad and to provide clean water, build shelter, and help many who have much less. 

  • Ike Keao

    Ike served in the Vietnam war, suffered and battled countless cancers, a survivor of Agent Orange, helped other War Veterans receive necessary aids, started a natural Vitamin Co. to fight Leukemia and much more, a Runner-Up for the Noble Prize, and his hobby is to protect the fragile wild life of Santiago Canyon using mainly his own resource. There's more to Ike but you should know Ike does all this after losing his eye sight many years ago. Ike's illnesses restrict him from frequenting his beloved Hawaii but every now and then he gets to dip his feet in Hale'iwa Ali'i Beach, his hometown. We give Thanks to call this man a friend and a mentor. Aloha Ike. Truly.


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